finding the perfect ball.. 

.. can be much easier than you think as Butterfly offers the right kind of table tennis balls for every application. Made from durable ABS materials and crafted in Germany, all Butterfly balls feature high durability and longevity as well as even roundness and hardness all across the ball's surface. 

The EASY BALL 40+ is a great fit for beginner's and all sorts of leisure and hobby table tennis play. It was the first abs ball produced in germany and is made for .. well .. easy play right out of the box. 

For more ambitious training effort, the TRAINING BALL 40+ training balls are tough to differenciate from three star competition balls, the only difference being the TRAINING BALL does not carry a official ITTF competition license which allows for a more cost effective ball that is perfectly suited for day-to-day club training and multi-ball. 

The THREE STAR G40+ Ball is our main competition ball, made from durable ABS material and produced in Germany, it features supreme roundness and longevity. Its even wall thickness allows for constant bounce characteristics that will strengthen a player's confidence in his own play right from the first rally.

The THREE STAR R40+ ball is our newest top-of-the line competition ball for all levels of play. It profits from the iconic durability of its predecessors, the G40+ and S40+ but its surface has been improved to be a little rougher - which allows for a higher friction on table and racket, in turn enhancing its spin performance and providing a slightly lower, more natural bounce without losing its even hardness, roundness or longevity. The THREE STAR R40+ is used in professional table tennis and amateur's league play alike.  

Now with special pricing available for most Butterfly balls!

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