Midi Table LINEART

SKU: 3259310252

Midi Table LINEART

Indoor Midi Table
SKU 3259310252

Midi Table LINEART

LINEART Midi table

The small midi table lets the joy of playing table tennis right into your home. The adjusted surface dimensions make the LINEART fit in to almost any living room or rec room. The lower height makes the table accessible to younger players as well. The midi table is shipped pre assembled, setting it up requires only to extend the legs and affix the net post. LINEART table can also be used outside and is easily folded and stored.

Attention: The table is not weatherproof.


Midi table tennis table details:

- setup: H x W x L: 72 x 75 x 125 cm

- folded: 4,2 x 75 x 125 cm

- weight: ca. 17 kg

- net height: 12,7 cm
- surface thickness: 12 mm