25-year anniversary: VISCARIA

25-year anniversary: VISCARIA


VISCARIA, released in 1993, was an instant hit with many players and eventually went on to become the basis for such successful and widely acclaimed blades as the BOLL SPIRIT and TIMO BOLL ALC. VISCARIA was the first blade to use Arylate-Carbon fibers, a special material that absorbs irritating vibrations and creates a large area with even bounce all across the blade's surface. The typical "ALC touch" and precision made it popular and the no. 1 choice for modern topspin-based gameplay.

Butterfly Superstar ZHANG JIKE has been playing VISCARIA with great success and won titles at the world championships, olympic games and world cup using it.

On its 25-year anniversary in 2018, we offer VISCARIA at a reduced price - for a limited time only!

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