Thickness of sponges


A rubber usually consists of two layers: the surface rubber, which stays the same, and the sponge sheet underneath, which is available in different sizes. Thin sponge sheets (0,5 – 1,5 mm) enable a controlled play with lesser dynamics. The thicker the sponge sheet the more spin and tempo the rubber gets. However, the feel for control diminishes.


BUTTERFLY offers the following sponge thicknesses, which enable a more individual compilation:

OX / 0,5 / 1,1 / 1,3 / 1,5 / 1,7 / 1,9 / 2,1 mm and max.

They can be attributed to the following categories:



Bilateral defence from a far distance (1,1 – 1,5 / long pimples / pimpled rubber)

DEF jam

Safe, bilateral defence with regular jamming attacks, preferably from forehand position (1,1 – 1,5 / long pimples)


Safe chop and block play with rare offensive hitting (1,1 – 1,5 / long pimples)


Controlled use of all playing styles (1,3 – 1,9 / long pimples)


Accurate block and counter hitting with controlled topspins, mostly from the forehand position (1,5 – 1,9 / short pimples)


Variable, spin oriented offensive play, often from a medium distance (1,7 – 2,1 / long pimples)


Bilateral offensive play close to the table and spin variations with a direct tempo (1,9 – max. / short pimples)


Direct offensive tempo, preferably close to the table; hard bilateral spin, block and hard hitting (1,9 – max. / short pimples)