Collection 2019

Now available!

we proudly present the complete Butterfly textiles for 2019 with 4 distinct collection suited to every demand of a sporting lifestyle.. and more!

Starting with our two team collections TORI and TORI Lady, made from comfortable elastic material and available in club-friendly, neutral color schemes to the more individual KISA collection available in four distinct color options made from innovative "Interlock" materials.

Our new leisure collection KIHON and KIHON Lady combine supreme comfort with a classic look that is easily combined with other textiles. Made for sporting and leisure activities alike, KIHON features a unique material mix with high cotton content for high wearing comfort.

Due to popular demand, we have updated our TOKA collection with two new and stylish colors for shirts as well as a neutral black shorts - with all the same lightweight comfort and flexible wearing sensation that made TOKA famous in the Butterfly lineup.

The hooded jackets IKEDA and IKEDA Lady with a sylish grey tape design keep warm during breaks and are easily combined with other textiles due to their neutral coloring. 

Speaking of jackets: the all-new rain jacket URUMA and the isolated OTARU provide protection against wind, rain and any adverse weather conditions. Reflective applications allow for good visibilty during the darker hours.