Outstanding speed realised by advanced High Tension technology
High Tension technology enhances the reaction of the playing surface by adding tension to the rubber molecule itself; this is made possible by applying special substances to rubber materials. It was eighteen years ago that the world's first High Tension rubber BRYCE was released. Butterfly never stopped enhancing its unique High Tension technology and thus the speed produced by the rubbers has kept improving.


"High Tension" creates tension on a rubber’s surface and sponge to use the energy of the incoming ball and redirect it back into the shot. The technology is complex, but the principle is easy to understand: Like on a trampoline, the higher tension on the surface creates a higher bounce!Rubbers using "High Tension" have a much higher surface tension compared to classic rubbers, without negatively affecting material quality. Compared to the first "High Tension" rubbers, the tension in TENERGY has even been increased by 300%. To the amazement of the Research Team, professional players also reported that Tenergy rubbers kept their high performance for a longer duration compared to other rubbers, despite the additional tension.