Racket assembly & weight selection

Racket assembly

We gladly assemble your racket for you – with no additional cost of course!
Simply select the product “free racket assembly”, use the comment field to tell us which rubber should be mounted on which side and add the product to your shopping cart. If you do not enter any comments, we will by default glue the red rubber on the forehand side and the black rubber on the backhand side of the blade.
During assembly, we will only use BUTTERFLY FREE CHACK PRO glue and guarantee a high standard of workmanship.


Weight selection

We are happy to select your blade or rubber by weight. Simply select "free weight selection" and enter your comment below. We select either "light" or "heavy" blades or rubbers for you. For that some products will be weighed and either the heaviest or lighted will be selected according to your request. 

  • We cannot guarantee availability of a certain weight. Therefore, we do not offer selection of a specific weight - only according to "light" or "heavy" criteria.
  • Weight selection is a voluntary, non-binding service on our part.