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The new Butterfly AMICUS table tennis robots 2018 -

a perfect training companion

The new AMICUS table tennis robot from Butterfly – 3 models are available: START, EXPERT and PRIME

AMICUS Robots are designed for a realistic gaming and training experience with high-technology and extensive functionality.
Depending on specific demands, all models are suited to players - from amateur to professional. According to the former German national coach, Richard Prause, robot training can be a useful addition to every-day training to players who want to learn faster.

„Working with a robot can be a means of achieving greater success for many players. The increased amount of ball contacts and exercises leas to a greater level of precision, footwork and technique." (Richard Prause, former German National Coach)


Click to watch the TIMO BOLL AMICUS trailer on YouTube


The advantages of all AMICUS models

  • Comfortable to carry, quick to assemble, easy to use
  • Weight only about 6 kg
  • AMICUS transport bag included
  • Up to 100 balls per minute
  • 4-level height adjustment
  • Head with 3 shooting wheels - for variable Topspin, Backspin, Sidespin and No Spin
  • Speed, spin and placement can be edited directly on the control panel / tablet (PRIME)


AMICUS START ( transport bag included )

Excellent for high-intensity training of stroke technique and footwork:

  • 6 balls per exercise with different position
  • Spin, Speed and Trajectory adjustable
  • Random function – balls with a natural scattering
  • Lightweight Remote Control (Optional)




AMICUS EXPERTtransport bag included )


Perfect for playing complex game sequences


The EXPERT supplements the advantages of the START and adds the following features:


  • 7 Balls per exercise
  • Individually adjustable spin, speed, placement and trajectory for each ball in an exercise
  • Complete ball sequences including service
  • Memory space for up to 99 exercises
  • AFC function - "Automatic Frequency Control" for automatic adjustment of time intervals between balls with different speed and spin
  • "Sample" function - to play balls individually and customize their settings
  • New: Cycle Mode - for professional interval training
  • New: 21 pre-saved exercises selected by Richard Prause 




AMICUS PRIMEtransport bag included )

For the Amicus PRIME you don´t need to be a pro – ambition is everything.

The PRIME has all the features of the models START and EXPERT at the highest level and adds:

  • Wireless control with bluetooth - the AMICUS app is available from Playstore or Apple AppStore for your mobile device
  • 7" android tablet included
  • Almost unlimited space for storing exercises
  • "Cluster" allows to play exercises in a sequence
  • Lightweight and handy wireless remote control (on / off and speed variation)
  • IFC (individual Frequency Control) - interval between balls adjustable for individual needs
  • „Cycle“ functionality creating automatic pauses during exercises
  • New: Mirror function to switch between left- and right-handed exercises
  • New: Serve function



All Butterfly AMICUS models and their features (overview)

START999,00 €
  • 6 balls per exercise
  • 4-level height adjustment
  • random function – balls with natural scattering
  • spin, speed and trajectory adjustable
EXPERT1499,00 €
  • complete ball consequences including service
  • memory space for up to 99 exercises
  • AFC function – for automatic adjustment of the time internvals between balls with different speed and spin
  • Cycle mode for interval training
  • 21 professional pre-saved exercises
PRIME1799,00 €
  • Controlled via AMICUS App and bluetooth connection
  • 7" tablet included - also works with your mobile device!
  • memory space limited only by device
  • cycle function for setting the exercise duration
  • IFC for individual adjustment of the intervals
  • Serve mode
  • Mirror function to switch between left- and right-handed players

Remote control optional for START, included with EXPERT and PRIME.

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In case of any questions contact our support at  amicus[at]butterfly.tt