Butterfly functional materials support moisture transport away from the body, keeping it dry and preventing muscle injury due to hypothermia. Butterfly textiles are quick-drying, made from high quality materials, developed by the japanese company "TORAY". Durable, longlasting and easy to care, butterfly textiles are produced without the use of harmful chemicals and are anti-allergenic.


Polyester microfiber is extremely light. A 10.000 meter strip weighs less than 1g. Combined with other materials such as cotton, polyester material enables production of skin-friendly, functional fibers.


Toray develops high quality products to enrich our everyday lives in many places and symbolizes innovation and research.

Micro Dry Fit

Micro Dry Fit was invented to keep the body dry during exercise. The two-component material made from 100% Polyester uses two different surface sides. The inner side absorbs moisture and transports it to the outside for evaporation. This makes Micro Dry Fit breathable, lightweight and quick drying and perfectly suited for sports wear. .

Honey Comb Dry Fit

While similar to Micro Dry Fit, Honey Comb uses wider structures, increasing elasticity and providing a soft wearing sensation. Honey comb is a popular material for shirts with durability and excellent moisture transport.


The flat, durable surface of Interlock provides a good fit of the textile, stability and functionality. Interlock is breathable and comortable to wear.

Mesh Melange

The ultralight Mesh Melange Material is highly functional for sports wear, allowing for free body movement range. Elasticity, ease of care, breathablility and quick-drying, Mesh Melange is a realy jack of all trades.

Cool Dry Lycra

Cool Dry Lycra is highly elastic, wrinkle free and durable. It is easy to care, quick drying and UV resistant. Combined with other fibers, it increases stability and flexibility.

Poly Terry

The thick Poly Terry Material has a rough surface, but soft inner lining. It is breathable, stable and elastic.

Compact Fleece

Textiles made from compact fleece combine the soft wearing sensation of cotton with functional polyester fibers. It is warm and yet breathable and functionial while easy to care.

Interlock Twisted

Textiles made from cotton mix fibers combine the advantage of polyester and cotton materials. Interlock Twisted is densely woven, lightweigt material, functional and stable in form. It provides breathability neccessary for sporting activities and is easy to care.

3065 WR

A soft touch with modern look makes 3065 WR (100%) the ideal fiber for a lightweight, elastic and comfortable sports textile.

Dobby Dry Fit

A stable, densely woven material with excellent stability.


Dimple Dry Fit

The high quality, anti allergenic polyester fiber provides a comfortable wearing sensation. With high elasticity and a soft surface it is sure to provide a quick-drying, functional wear for any sports textile.


Plain Micro

Plain Micro is often combined with other materials, providing a flat, high class look. It is soft, easy to care and windproof.


Stretch Polyester

The thin and lightweight Stretch Polyester is a elastic and highly functional material often used in professional sports, where every gram of weight can make a difference.


Sweater Fleece

The structured, windproof outer surface with a soft inner lining provides superior wearing comfort


TPU Dobby

The wind and rainproof PU Coated Material (100% Polyester) provides a sporty elegance in any situation.


Waterproof Poplin

Flat and sealed surface material for wind and waterproof textiles. Stable, color accuarte and durable.