Feel the Power of Spring Sponge

Since its launch in 2008, Butterfly´s TENERGY has dominated the table tennis rubber market in impressive style. The development of High Tension and Spring Sponge technology, and their combination created the biggest innovation of the last years.

High Tension & Spring Sponge

Combining two ground-breaking technologies in applying tension by default to the rubber surface (High Tension) and the sponge (Spring Sponge) opens up completely new opportunities with Tenergy. Completely redefining topspin play with its curved trajectory, Tenergy and the power added by the flexible Spring Sponge make heavy rotation topspins impressive, difficult to answer for the opponent – and highly addictive. The overall qualities such as grippy surface and increased durability make Tenergy the preferred choice for the majority of professional players.

Tenergy & Tenergy FX

Rubbers of the famous TENERGY series are characterized and diversified by the individual pimples structure of each rubber. The Spring Sponge
used is the same on each TENERGY. TENERGY FX rubbers use a sponge 4° softer in comparison, which produces a softer feeling resulting in better control but also in a straighter ball trajectory.

Tenergy Advantages

Outstanding spin performance realized by the combination of High Tension and Spring Sponge technology; curved trajectory due to
increased spin, making shots safer and more precise. Increased lifespan due to the use of high quality surface with very little loss of traction.