Spring Sponge

10 years in the making, the "Spring Sponge" is the result of intensive research at BUTTERFLY’s own development facilities. A large step towards to this goal was achieved by founding the BUTTERFLY Technical Center in April 2006. Further development has since been intensified and problems can be solved a lot faster.

BUTTERFLY entered a new dimension by combining a new mixture of raw materials with a specific structure of the air bubbles inside the sponge.

The result paved the way for a commercial launch of the "Spring Sponge". The reddish colored sponge named "Tenergy Red" signals BUTTERFLY’s new technology and emphasizes its ambition to lead the table tennis market.

Spring Sponge supports the effect that the rubber holds on to the ball longer than usual. This created an extraordinary ball feeling which cannot be compared to the past rubbers.The premise was: How to increase the impact of the sponge without changing its thickness or texture? Finding the answer took time, but exceeded all expectations. What exactly happens?


traditional sponge

Rubbers with a traditional sponge absorb the energy of an incoming ball. Much like a matt with no feathers. The energy is lost and the ball only receives power only by the player's shot.

spring sponge
The Spring Sponge, however, is thinner and harder - but still elastic. The air compartments contract on impact and then expand again, imparting additional power on the ball. Much like a spring – hence the name, Spring Sponge.

The Spring Sponge technology is used in the following rubbers: