Our INNERFORCE LAYER offers the new experience of "holding the ball". The artificial fibers are applied directly above the wooden core, keeping the original fiber characteristics of the blade, but providing a softer touch which translates into an improved, controlled feeling in all situations.




Innerforce experience with ZL-Carbon
The INNERFORCE LAYER ZLC blade offers a completely new experience – its carbon fibers are located closer to the core which makes the overall blade feel softer without losing the ZL-Carbon characteristics such as lightness, flexibility and speed.



Innerforce experience with Arylate-Carbon
The Arylate-Carbon fibers are located closer to the core, which lends the blade a softer touch and a stunning feel for the ball. Arylate-Carbon fibers dampen vibrations and allow for dynamic play and precise placement.



Innerforce experience with ZL-Fiber
The INNERFORCE LAYER ZLF features a natural soft touch and homogenous bounce on all areas of the blade. By using ZL-Fiber and an overall thin diameter, the INNERFORCE LAYER ZLF provides excellent feedback on contact with the ball. The increased dwell time supports passive control and soft topspin shots alike. The INNERFORCE LAYER ZLF is recommended for players looking to combine a natural touch with a stable bounce. It is also well suited for young players learning the basics of table tennis.



Innerforce experience with ALC.S-Fiber and increased touch
The all new INNERFORCE LAYER ALC.S is designed according to the concept of the popular INNERFORCE LAYER ALC blade – but it moves one step further. The thinner core layer provides reduced weight, a lower vibration property and a softer touch, while the ALC fiber, located just above the core, grants the precision and stability associated with any ALC blade. The INNERFORCE LAYER ALC.S is recommended for an offensive playing style focused on spin.



Elegance andn precision
Butterfly Star Tiago Apolonia grants the name for this brand new blade and is using it at international tournaments. The ZLC fibers are placed closer to the core (Innerfiber technology) which, combined with the softer outer veneer, gives the blade a softer touch, while maintaining the typical ZLC precision and punch. APOLONIA ZLC is suited best for players looking for the feel of a spin-dynamic ZLC fiber blade with increased passive control.



The touch of the Champion
Liu Shiwen, table tennis Superstar in China and multiple Champion of the prestigious World Cup is using this dynamic and versatile blade herself and appreciates the advantages of the INNERFORCE LAYER ZLF composition in her attacking play close to the table:
"I value control and speed. With the LIU SHIWEN, I can play fast and it still is easy to control as it is designed to have the familiar soft feeling of an all-wood blade."



A very special blade
This intricate blade carries the name of Japanese Superstar Ai Fukuhara. It consists of five wood veneers, combined with two ZL-Fibers. Typical for ZL-Fiber blades, it is remarkably light with a sensitive touch comparable to all-wood blades and lends control to all spin-based play.



Defensive blade with Innerforce technology
Blades with Innerfiber technology place the artificial fibers closer to the core, resulting in a softer touch and more controlled play. The INNERSHIELD LAYER ZLF features high flexibility and a larger sweet spot due to the ZL-Fibers which give the blade enough speed to satisfy the offensive needs of a modern defender.