Unique "Micro Layer" technology for high-performance rubbers 

At present, the completely new and unique technology "Micro Layer" is applied solely for the new BRYCE HIGHSPEED which has been launched worldwide on December 21, 2015.
BRYCE HIGHSPEED has been developed thanks to Micro Layer and produces  greater top spin and speed than the existing BRYCE series. The grip on the top sheet combined with High Tension technology facilitates powerful strokes and fast attacking play. While its outstanding speed is realized by advanced High Tension technology, the new "Micro Layer" technology generates strong rotation - without causing a loss of speed.


Strong rotation generated by the new technology "Micro Layer"

The base of the top sheet is very thin, visible to the naked eye. The rubber compresses and the surface is “depressed” by the ball on impact; thus enabling a high degree of rotation to be imparted on the ball. A simple pimple shape was selected from a wide range of options to create the best possible product for speed.

When a player tries to impart spin on the ball, the ball impacts into the rubber. At the moment the ball impacts with the rubber surface, in the opposite direction to the movement of the blade, the playing surface compresses. It reacts to the power and degrees of spin imparted on the ball. The surface of the rubber, having had the Micro Layer applied, adjusts as the base is very thin. The result is a greater compression thus making it easier to impart heavy spin on the ball.


Micro Layer


Watch the video to understand how the new "Micro Layer" and the advanced "High Tension" technologies are working together in the new BRYCE HIGHSPEED by Butterfly.